About Us

In our 26th year, the South Carolina Gay + Lesbian Business Guild, a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization was formed in 1993 to encourage networking, business development and support within the gay and lesbian community.

Encouraging business development and education, The Guild offers members a venue to share stories, swap leads and create opportunities with other people who value their professional success within the community.

Though The Guild's membership is comprised of corporate business owners, our foundation is our individual non-business owner members who come to The Guild looking for opportunities to network and socialize. The Guild strives to bring people together with educational events, monthly informational meetings, social outings and community outreach projects.

Past Presidents of The Guild include: Sheila Morris, Teresa Williams, Stann Gwynn, Lynne Moldenhauer, Dick Hubbard, Sam Givens, Jane Gilmer, Tracey Combs, Michael Haigler, Joey Bougknight, Laura Lindsey, Scott Johnson, Pat Patterson, Amanda Jones, Chuck Archie, Tom Brown, Tony Roof and Kevin Fain.